Find out how to apply for the Discover it Secured card in just 7 minutes!

Anyone looking to apply for the Discover it Secured card will certainly already understand that it is an option full of benefits and simple access to new customers who wish to have an easily approved line of credit. And, more than having a high acceptance among applicants, it also allows the customer to recover or create a credit history.

To top it off, it also has an extremely simple request model that allows you, who want to request yours, to enter the process online, without having to leave your home, face crowded banks or waste your time. It doesn’t get any easier!

Find out how to apply for the Discover it Secured card in just 7 minutes!
Find out how to apply for the Discover it Secured card in just 7 minutes!

Ready to learn how to apply for the Discover it Secured card? Check below everything you will need to know to be even closer to conquering a line of credit, in addition to knowing the profile for which this credit card was designed.

How can I apply for the Discover it Secured card?

As mentioned in the paragraphs above, this card offers a very simple application system, being entirely online. So far, this is the only way to make the request, the application being only for financial control and the contact numbers for questions and updates of your account.

So, to start, it is necessary to have your documents, commonly required in registrations, a computer and good internet access. From there, the whole process will be very fast, taking just a few minutes.

Apply for your card online

The first step is to access the official website of the card – Discover. The link to access is in the button below. Once there, if you already have a registration, login, as it will make the request process faster. If the registration is old, check if your information is up to date.

If you don’t have a login, don’t worry, it will be done automatically during the request. To apply for yours, simply click on the “apply now” button. Once you have filled out the form and read the terms of adhesion carefully, the application will be completed and you will only need to wait for the bank to review it.

Soon you will receive the result, and if approved, you will receive your card in a few days at your home. Take advantage, when you receive it, to download the bank’s official app and have even more control of your financial life.

What is the profile of those who want to apply for the Discover it Secured card?


If you want to apply for the Discover it Secured card, it is essential to understand the profile for which the card was created, because, despite having several benefits and high acceptance, there are groups that will benefit more, and if you are not on it, maybe not be the best option for you. Check out the customer profile below:

  • Who seeks to start their credit history;
  • Anyone looking to recover a bad credit history;
  • Who wants to improve their credit history;
  • Who seeks zero annuity;
  • Who seeks more security and practicality.

If you fit this profile, be sure to request yours, as it will be perfect for you. If you want to know more about the benefits mentioned, visit our article about the benefits of the Discover it Secured card. We are waiting for you there!

You can access our article by clicking the button above! Thus, you will be able to know all the benefits of apply for the Discover it Secured card and decide whether or not this is the best option for your financial life!

Have you already requested yours?

We hope that with this article you will be able to carry out the process of apply for the Discover it Secured card with much more tranquility and security. If you have any doubts about it, do not hesitate and contact the bank through the service channels available on the official website.

And if you always want to be on top of the best financial options available to you on the market, be sure to visit our card recommendations website: Genial Credito, as we will always be updating you!


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